March 18 - 25

PIN: Waivers, Instructions, Other Docs

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During Spring Break, through partnership with Mission: Possible Austin, Lighthouse students lead, guide, and counsel a child through activities during their time at Camp Nikos.

  • Demonstrate God's love through servant leadership

  • Serve and be present in the East Austin community

  • Cultivate spiritual leadership among Lighthouse students



Students will lead, guide, and grow with the children they are paired with at Camp Nikos. They will love upon the child and demonstrate the grace of God despite serving away from home.

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All Lighthouse students, middle through high school, are invited to apply to serve at Camp Nikos. Before applying, all students should consider whether they:

  • Believe in Jesus Christ, as their one true Lord and Savior

  • Have a growth and learning mindset

  • Be willing to be guided by the Holy Spirit when faced with frustrations and challenges

Camp Nikos 2018 Pic 2