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McNeil HS Visit

This coming Friday, Sept. 20 after school, Dominic will be at Starbucks to hang out, grab a drink, and get to know you!

High School Dinner

All Lighthouse 6th grade students meet at Dominic’s house on Sept. 29th from 5-7:30PM for a dinner! Please RSVP to Dominic and bring an entree that serves 6-8 people. Hope to see you there!

Westwood HS Visit

Dominic will be meeting all Westwood HS students after school at P. Terry’s around 4:20PM to just grab a shake and hangout to get to know you!


If you would like to publicly proclaim your faith through baptism, our next baptism is on Nov. 10th. It will involve 4 classes starting on Sept. 4. Contact Dominic ASAP if you are interested!

New Friday Series: Social Media

This new Friday series starts on March 1! Social media platforms nowadays play such an important role in our daily lives and often contributes to the basis of our personal values. Are they becoming an idol that dominates most of our attention? Join us at Lighthouse on Fridays at 7:30pm to learn about these commonly-used applications!

Wise Words of Josh Yang

How do you achieve maximum benefits? | As humans, we have a tendency to consider what’s the least amount of effort we could put in to get the maximum amount of return. The thought is if we can put in as little effort as possible, then we’ve hacked the system. This is a good mindset …

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